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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Kolkata

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal also known as third molar extraction can be a nerve wrecking experience for a person. It is almost essential to get the wisdom tooth removed surgically. However it is needless to emphasize the fact that the surgery and the post-operative healing depends a lot on the expertise of the dental surgeon.

The reason for Wisdom Tooth Removal

In most people the wisdom teeth either gets stuck inside the gum or can only break through the gum partially. Dentists call such teeth as impacted. Wisdom teeth usually become impacted because the jaw does not have enough space for all the teeth that are growing in the region or because the wisdom tooth grows in a wrong direction.

The reason behind the removal of wisdom tooth is to prevent them from damaging other healthy teeth. Often, wisdom tooth erupt perpendicularly to the teeth next door (your second molars). It can cause difficulty in biting, creates an area where food gets accumulated, causes tooth decay, and can even cause a painful infection. So wisdom tooth needs to be extracted to prevent further complications.

Wisdom Tooth Removal (Third Molar Extraction) in Kolkata

In Kolkata, Dr Himadri Chakrabarty has been performing wisdom tooth removal or third molar extraction for over 15 years. He has adopted latest piezosurgery techniques to perform wisdom tooth removal. Piezosurgery can make the process of wisdom tooth removal less painful.

Less Painful Wisdom Tooth Removal with Piezosurgery

Piezosurgery reduces postoperative pain, trismus, and swelling and enhances the postsurgical quality of patient’s life. Also, it may play an important role in increasing bone density within the extraction socket and decreasing the amount of bone loss along the distal aspect of the mandibular second molar.

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A case study of a complex Wisdom Tooth Removal in Kolkata

Below in a case study of a very complicated Wisdom Tooth Removal that Dr Himadri Chakrabarty performed in our Gariahat Dental Clinic

Patient Name : Arpita Kundu

Age : 35 years

Gender : Female

Case Study : Surgical Extraction of Third Molar or Wisdom Tooth

Surgery conducted by : Dr. Himadri Chakraborty, MDS, MSc [Periodontist and Implantologist]

The patient was suffering from extreme pain and swelling as her lower left third-molar (commonly known as Wisdom Tooth) was not erupting out of the gum. Apart from terrible pain, this can cause  damage to other teeth, increase the risk of infection and decay.

Now this is a very common dental issue faced by most people but unless the surgery is conducted by an experienced periodontist there can be several post-surgical complications like permanent nerve damage, mandibular fractures, and life threatening infections which can have an adverse effect on the quality of life of patients

Mrs Kundu decided to consult renowded Periodontist Dr. Himadri Chakraborty. After conducting a dental x-ray Dr. Chakraborty could see that the root of the third-molar was bent towards the bottom and a part of the third-molar had also broken inside the gum. Dr. Chakraborty counseled the patient and her family about the urgent need of performing a surgical extraction of the third-molar and explained the nature of complications that might arise if the surgery is not conducted. The patient gave her consent and the surgical extraction was conducted the next day.

This difficult and complicated surgical procedure lasted for over 3 hours and Dr. Chakraborty was able to extract the complete tooth successfully. There were no post-operative complications and the patient got permanent relief from the nagging pain in her gum.